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The ThinkingWise Program

How to think straight

The learning objective of this course is to expand learners' mental horizons. In most school syllabuses, there are vital information and skills omitted which are essential for a balanced and nuanced view of the world.

For example, one of the biggest hurdles in life is how to handle difficult people, yet nowhere on a school syllabus that we have seen does this essential skill appear!

So we have provided a collection of interesting morsels of learning that most teenagers will not have come across. And there is much to interest adults as well.

Obviously we cannot cover everying in depth in just a few hours, so our aim is to whet the learner's appetite so they will be stimulated to go find out more.

This course takes between 1 and 3 hours - so it will not affect the school timetable.

It can be done solo or by students in pairs or in a class. It is probably best done as an assignment for learners to do at home or on their own in class, followed by a group discussion of the points raised in class. It is very suitable for Zoom discussions.

Here is a small sample of the topics covered: