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The PhonicsWise Program

How to read fluently

This program addresses decoding. (Our companion program ComprehensionWise addresses understanding.)

A reader can have difficulty reading for many reasons. That's because reading is a complex set of skills, the lack of any one of which can be disabling.

We address all the main skills involved in reading and use didactics and exercises to remedy whatever issues are discovered.

Our first ever student on this program was hovering around the bottom of their class and about to be diagnosed with dyslexia. We found that her only problem was she had no idea how to chunk long words. Once we remedied this, her reading improved enormously and she started to hover around the top of her class instead.



Nonsense syllables


Trigger Words

Independent Evaluation

Here are links to a Randomised Control Trial of the program under the auspices of the Univerity of Nottingham. This research paper refers to the first version of PhonicsWise, which was called ReadingWise English.

ReadingWise English RCT Phase1 by Dr John Durkin
A user-friendly guide to Dr Durkin's paper

Length: 30 minutes (flexible) daily for up to one term/semester

Method: In classroom with a teacher acting as facilitator, Learners may be paired up to coach each other.